Building your practice is your labor of love. We'll help you get patients and get paid.

Increase your patient volume with our lead generation platform. Then get more money back from insurance companies with our billing support designed specifically for nurse practitioners who run their own clinics.

Always HIPAA-compliant. Always built for you.

Let's grow your practice
Lead Generation

Reach the patients that are looking for you, and grow your patient volume.

You won't pay for cancellations, no-shows

You only pay for the patients that actually show up and have an appointment. If the patient cancels or is a no-show, you don't owe Between anything.

You can choose which patients book with you

Create the best patient base for your clinic. We'll only send you patients seeking the services you deliver and have the insurance plans you accept

You'll make each dollar you spend count

Between charges you a flat fee for each appointment. You can set your own budget for how much you want to spend per month.

Billing Support

Bring your billing in-house, and ensure you get the most money from insurance companies.

Know how much you're owed

Always know exactly how much money insurance companies owe you across all claims

Never miss an add-on code

Automated reminder to include an add on code for the claims. These codes will make sure you maximize your revenue.

Submit clean claims

Catch errors like misspelled patient names, incorrect birthdates, or codes that don't follow the insurance companies' most up to date rules.

Click less

Simple workflows so you spend less time clicking through multiple screens.

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