Rick Dowell
Prenatal Chiropractor (DC)
5.0 (Google Reviews)
Prenatal chiropractic adjustments
Abdominal & Pelvic Pain
Annual pap smear
Contraception Counseling
IUD insertion & removal
Nexplanon insertion & removal
Prenatal care
Pregnancy testing
UTIs, Yeast Infections, & Bacterial Vaginosis

Rick's bio

Dr. Rick Dowell is a highly experienced and esteemed chiropractor with a career spanning over two decades. He is known for his exceptional expertise in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care, and his commitment to improving the health and well-being of families. Dr. Dowell's comprehensive approach includes advanced technology for assessing the spine and nervous system of expectant mothers, and his specialized training in the Webster Technique for Breech Babies has led to positive outcomes for countless mothers and their children. As a member of The Pediatric Experience network, he remains at the forefront of his field and ensures his patients receive the highest standard of care. With his unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge, and compassionate approach, Dr. Dowell continues to positively impact the lives of families, helping them thrive at every stage of life.

What are patients are saying about Rick

“Very pleased”

I am very pleased with the improvements I have been enjoying as a result of maintaining regular visits with Dr. Rick. I do not have any more mid or lower back pain. If you need a Chiropractor,  I highly recommend Dr. Rick Dowell. You will also appreciate the friendly staff there



Dr. Rick is amazing! He’s helped alleviate my  lower back problems with not only knowledge but care.


“Kind and listens”

Dr. Rick with Dowell Family Wellness does an amazing job!  Dr. Rick is very kind and listens to his clients needs.

Jacqueline Welch