Meet Krista Turner
Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C, MSN)
5.0 (Google Reviews)
Abdominal & Pelvic Pain
Annual pap smear
Contraception Counseling
Pregnancy testing
UTIs, Yeast Infections, & Bacterial Vaginosis
IUD insertion & removal
Prenatal care
Nexplanon insertion & removal

Krista's bio

Krista Turner, FNP-C is a board certified family nurse practitioner through the American Association of Nurse Practitioners who also holds certifications in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. Krista graduated with her BSN from the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston in 2012 and enjoyed a career mainly in critical care. As a new graduate she was able to obtain experience at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and later on at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital in Houston, Texas. While working at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, Krista saw the great need for primary care and how this basic, primary care education and accountability could prevent irreversible complications of illnesses as well as hospitalizations. Krista decided to return to school at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston and graduated with a MSN in 2019 with a focus in family medicine. During this time, Krista was living in the Fresno, TX area with her family and noticed that although there is a multitude of medical practices in the surrounding areas of Pearland, Missouri City, TX, Fresno lacked primary medical care clinics for the residents in the area. Krista decided to open Absolute Health & Wellness Clinic to help remedy the lack of primary care access to the residents in and around the Fresno, TX area.

What are patients are saying about Krista

“Exceptional care”

I recently had the pleasure of visiting this doctor's office for a routine check-up and was blown away by the exceptional care and service provided. Krista Turner is the best. She is very insightful. From start to finish, the staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming, making me feel comfortable and at ease during my visit.


“The best provider”

Honestly, I cannot stop talking about how much I love and appreciate this clinic. This is the first time I have been to a clinic that listens, understands, and shows compassion. The lady at the front desk was amazing and very welcoming. She was able to draw my blood and stick me in one go when I have yet to see or have that happen anywhere else. Krista Turner is the best provider, and she takes every concern seriously and answers any questions I may have had, and I know I had a lot. I could not recommend this place enough!



Krista and her assistant Brianna made me feel very comfortable during my OB-GYN/annual wellness exam today. They were non-judgemental and made sure to answer any questions that I had. They were professional and very easy to talk to during my visit. There was no wait time today and I was seen immediately. They have late hours sometimes on weekdays and I was able to see them on a Saturday, which was very convenient.